PCW registry utility

This program will fix conflicts that you may have after installing two looms
which use the same port. Easy and fast.

download loom reg utility

Download loom reg utility

Click on the PCW icon or the link above.
Proceed with your browser's instruction dialogs.
Click on Save.

The browser will get the loom reg utility.exe, a self extracting file and save it
to your computer in My Documents, for instance
The file is 98 Kb in size.
Download may take 1-2 minutes depending on net traffic and your modem speed.

To install the downloaded program, click on the loom reg utility.exe file.
A dialog pops up with directions for installation of loom reg utility.
This will install the utility called pcwregistry.exe into the Fiberworks folder.
To use, double click to open the utility and click on OK, then close.

Open PCW4.x Silver Plus and reinstall your loom.

Go to File>Weave
Go to File>Loom 1 Setup
Choose the correct loom, the number of shafts that that loom's e-dobby has, and the port.
Click on OK.
Check Diagnostics from the menu.