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 Fiberworks Updating and Upgrading Policy

 For Mac 

You may download program updates at any time at no charge. An update is defined as an application with the same level and primary version number as you are already registered to use. That means any version 1.x.x for current Mac users (not the demo version that was posted earlier.

If you are registered to use Bronze, and download a new copy of Fiberworks Silver, that is defined as a program upgrade.  You will need to revalidate and a charge of $50 will apply.

If you are a registered Windows Fiberworks user, Fiberworks For Mac is considered as a major upgrade.  See Pricing for Fiberworks Silver and Pricing for Bronze.

If you originally downloaded and installed Silver version 1.0.1 or higher or Bronze version 1.0.0 or higher, the update should not require revalidation, or will accept the validation code you used previously.  If your current program is Fiberworks Silver version 1.0.0, your first update will show a new program ID and request a new validation code, which we will supply at no cost.

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