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If you are new to weaving design software, then Fiberworks PCW Bronze is for you. Check the appearance of the design, the structure of the weave, or the harmony of your color scheme. You will be weaving, virtually, in just a few minutes.

If you are an old hand at weaving design software, this new version will make many of your design tasks much easier and more fun. Extend your design potential with these versatile features.

Go to the download page.

How to Draw PCW 4.1 allows a number of different ways of drawing in a threading or a treadling
  • click on a square to enter a thread, double click to clear an entry
  • use the keypad, or numbers on the keyboard
  • draw a twill by dragging and dropping


Modify Colours Modify the colours in your design by:
  • clicking in the hue saturation or lightness bar,
  • dragging the slider in each bar,
  • or changing the numbers in the boxes by keyboard
    or spin buttons.

modify color dialog modify colours

Watch the colours change in real time.

Add Colours Add colours in your design by menu
There are 5 common colour orders, identical for warp and weft.
Use one order and set of colours in the warp and a different order,
with different colours in the weft as shown below.

fill dialog

fill dialog

Great for colour and weave, shadow weave, checks and diversified plain weave and modified DPW.

Magnifications There are 16 levels of magnification available by clicking on the magnification tools in the tool bar
  • the magnifying glass with the + sign makes the grid squares larger
  • the magnifying glass with the - sign makes the grid squares smaller

4 different magnifications

Four levels of magnification are shown for one design.

Views and
PCW4.1 allows you to look at your designs in 16 different magnifications and 7 different views. You can turn any of the views on or off to make editing easier


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