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  • New release:
    Bronze v4.2.0.0
    Windows 2000, XP,
    Vista or Seven 2010/01/31
  • Use v4.1.2.4 on
    Windows 95/98/ME
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PCW 4.2 Bronze:  Entry level drafting program

  • Features such as easy colour and weave entry, variable thread thickness, automatic double width and name drafts, all make designing fun and easy.
  • Block substitution, name drafts, auto tabby, weave as drawn in, turned drafts, float search.
  • Sixteen magnifications allow real time editing in the drafts or in the cloth. Views let you toggle among structure, interlacement (thread by thread view), colour, double weave, bound weave and rep weave.
  • Extensive copy, paste, move and transform functions extend your design potential.
  • Versatile printing functions with heddle count, colour count, notes and titles,numeric drafts, allows you to print any view at sets of 3 to 180 epi. Print your own graph paper as well.
  • Drafts can be exported as clipboard graphics ready for pasting into other programs, such as word processors.
  • Auto insert and remove tabby, heddle count, color count.
  • From 2 to 16 shafts (harnesses), and 2 to 32 treadles
  • All new help files compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven.
  • All new manual with full index.
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Thrilling Twill

  • New release:
    Silver Plus v4.2.0.4
  • © 2010/03/04
  • Use v4.1.2.4 on
    Windows 95/98/ME

PCW 4.2 Silver and Silver Plus:  For the serious weaver

New Release available. Go to 4.2 Silver to download your copy.

This release combines Silver and Silver Plus in one program which can be validated at either level. The Plus component adds the ability to run computer assisted looms.
If you purchase and validate Silver only, the loom drivers are not activated. If you acquire a computer assisted loom at a later date, all that is needed to upgrade to Silver Plus is an activation code.

All features of Bronze are also found in Silver. But that is just a start.

  • Network drafting using easy drawing tool or a comprehensive dialog.
  • Fabric analysis to analyse the designs and develop original drafts.
  • Enhanced block substitution, double the number of blocks.
    including Taqueté and Samitum, Bergman, chevron weave and manifold twills....
  • 64 shafts and 64 treadles.
  • 9,996 picks or lifts per design.
  • Sketch pad drawing in a freehand manner and conversion into a drawdown with one click and back again.
  • All new help files compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven.
  • All new manual with full index.
  • Silver Plus supports AVL, Louet, Leclerc, Macomber/Dobbytron, Noble and Toika looms.

And More!

Note: If you are running Schacht Combby or any LIPS based loom, you must use Silver Plus version 4.1 and Windows 98 or 95. These looms are no longer supported in Silver Plus 4.2 due to incompatibility with more recent Windows versions.
Loom Drivers

Thrilling Twill draft

PCW 4.1 Silver Plus:
For Computer Assisted Dobby Looms

Freedom from the tieup, from crawling around under the loom.
Use up to 9996 "treadles" if you want.


Recently we have added the Toika loom driver, as well as
the 40 shaft AVL, and new Leclerc II models. Ask your dealer if your Leclerc loom uses the LeClerc II loom setting.

Schacht Combby will only run on Windows 95 and Windows 98 with a printer port only. It will not work on Windows ME, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP or Vista. No USB ports nor adapters.

The Arm Selecontrol will be finished by the end of Summer 2009.

Included with the Silver Plus Loom program is the Port Checker. This can help trace communications problems between loom and computer.

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Manual on Disc

The manual on disc is a PDF file that you can easily open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The e-manual in full colour and formatted to be read on the screen. It is searchable, and you can navigate it by links and bookmarks. It is easy to print the sections you want to read on the couch, if needed. It can be printed, and you can select only the pages you want to print.

Optional Printed Manual

There are printed manuals for Bronze, Silver and for the looms.
The manuals are black and white, bound in spiral binding and about 85-125 pages in length.
The loom manual is shorter. It covers the loom interface and then the specifics of each of the looms.

Other Languages

We have had the English manual translated into French.
It covers the basic functions of the software.

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System Requirements

Windows OS

Version 4.2 has been designed for use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven, and uses the Help system for these newer versions of Windows. It is not recommended for Windows 98 and ME, and it won't work on Windows 95 or NT4. Other than the new Help system, there is little difference between Fiberworks 4.2 and the older, and users with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME and NT4 will get the same program capabilities with the older version

Version normal Windows requirements.
If your computer can run and print from imaging programs such as Adobe Elements or PhotoShop, it will work with Fiberworks PCW


Windows compatible printers.

Ports: (For Silver Plus computer assisted looms)

Most looms come with Serial port (RS-232). Most new computers come with USB ports. To connect most looms, you will need a Serial to USB adapter to be able to send signals between computer and loom. Ask your loom manufacturer.


Cyrefco, Combby, generic LIPs and J-Comp looms
must be run on Windows 95 or Windows 98 only
These looms are not supported in version 4.2.

All other looms will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Seven.

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Thrilling Twills
Thrilling Twill CD

CD with more than 4000 Twill Designs

  • 5 to 32 shafts
    • About 800 of the designs use 5 to 8 shafts
    • Almost 2500 designs use 9 to 16 shafts
  • Fully indexed, by number of shafts and type of twill
  • WIF and DTX files
  • Graphics view of each designs
  • Easy to open in most modern weaving software
  • One click to open in PCW4, a couple more from other weaving software
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Frequently asked questions and their answers

Get answers to such questions as, "How do I change a colour on my design?" to "Can I print plain graph paper?"

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