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Bob, who designs and writes Fiberworks is a former professor of Biochemistry. He began writing software to study assembly and disassembly of proteins. He wrote some fractal routines way back in 1984, just for fun.
Then he began to work on PCW. The first version was PCW1, an 8 shaft version that Ingrid played with till she got her first 16 shaft AVL with a mechanical Dobby.

Fiberworks PCW2 was released in 1989. And we have not looked back since.

Ingrid has been weaving since 1967. From the start she was interested in structure and colour. She got her first 8 shaft loom in 1983, her first 16 shaft loom, an AVL, in 1986 and added the Compu-Dobby a short while later. Then a 24 shaft AVL, and a 24 shaft Louet Magic dobby. All these looms have now found other homes, because in 2001, Ingrid got a Louet Megado with 32 shafts.

Bob now writes PCW in his "spare" time. Ingrid weaves (some), teaches (some) and provides tech help and fills orders (even more). And we are working on adding more to PCW4.


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