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Guide to validating your new Fiberwork program


start menu

pcw.exe icon

Either: find the Fiberworks pcw.exe on your desktop, and click on it to start the program.

Or: Go to the Start menu, open the programs list, find the Fiberworks entry and start pcw.exe from there.


This dialog appears when you first open a copy of Fiberworks on a computer where it has not been validated.

This dialog allows you to register and validate a copy of Fiberworks downloaded from the web or installed from a CD. Until the validation code is entered, the program is restricted to demo mode, and won't save, print or weave.

Terms defined

Program ID is a number generated by your computer to identify the specific copy of Fiberworks running on that computer. It appears at the top of the validation dialog.

Validation code is a number supplied by Fiberworks that unlocks a given program ID. To obtain a validation code, your must provide Fiberworks with your program ID (see step 3), and Fiberworks will translate that into the matching validation code.
If you don't have a validation code, simply click the Close button without entering any numbers, and the program will start in demo mode.

Multiple computers: If you own more than one computer, each will give a different program ID, even if they were installed from the same CD. You must submit each program ID to Fiberworks to obtain the corresponding validation codes. Fiberworks will supply you with a reasonable number of validation codes to allow for multiple computers for your own use and for periodic replacement of computers.

 New Users

If you are a new Fiberworks user, you must purchase the program before you can obtain a validation code. The validation code gives you full use of the program including the Save and Print functions.

 Demo Mode

The program can be used as a demo without any payment or a validation. Close the validation dialog without entering any numbers. In demo mode, Save, Save As, Preview and Print and Print Direct are inactivated but all other program features are available to try out..


If you are upgrading from an earlier version, e.g. from version 4.1 to 4.2, or from a lower level program to a higher level, e.g. from Bronze to Silver, a purchase is necessary to obtain a validation code. There is no charge if you are reinstalling your current version on a new or repaired computer.

 How to get
 a validation

You can obtain your validation code by emailing us or phoning, giving the program ID that appears in the upper box. Arrange for payment at the same time if this is necessary (we do not recommend sending credit card numbers by email). To ensure accuracy in sending the Program ID, select the text in the box, then right click on it and select Copy from the popup menu that appears. Then paste it into your email message (make sure no digits got dropped off in the process).

Include in your message:
  1. Program ID as described above; if you have more than one computer, we need the program ID from each computer.
  2. The level of program you are validating: Bronze, Silver, Silver Plus or Silver Plus with AVL.
  3. Your name, address, phone number, email address. We do not disclose this information to anyone else.
  4. If you are already a registered user, include your customer number and most recent invoice number. These numbers appear on the right hand side of your invoice, under the Fiberworks logo. They are also written on your CD if you obtained a CD from us.
  5. If you are a new user, tell us the items you wish to purchase.  Let us know if you wish to pay by PayPal.



When you get your validation code back, enter the four numbers into the four boxes at the bottom of the validation dialog the next time you start the program. Make sure there are no spaces or stray zeros around the numbers. If the validation is accepted, you will not need to do this again.

The codes shown in this figure are for illustration purposes only and won't activate your program. You must obtain your validation code from Fiberworks.

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