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 Ingrid Boesel:
 a Short Biography

My goal is to achieve an effect of fluidity on both the wall and on the body.

Clothing and accessories are a special interest of mine. I love fine luxury and natural yarns. Gradations of colours and interaction of weave structure emphasizes an intricate interplay of colour and pattern. My work has been getting finer and more formal with more emphasis on surface pattern. The weaving is done on a computer assisted dobby loom with 32 shafts. A very versatile tool that allows almost infinite exploration of woven structures, is one of my joys. I dye silk or wool with synthetic dyes, using a variety of techniques, including ikat.

I have been teaching weaving since 1967, and was a production weaver for about 5 years. Kumihimo is a new fiber addiction that I have begun to indulge. My husband and I have developed and market a computer weaving program called Fiberworks PCW.

I have completed my Master Weaver with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. I am a bookaholic and a sample exchange junkie. Mostly I just love to weave, but spend an inordinate amount of time with the computer!!


Lectures and Seminars

  • $150.00 for 1.5 - 2 hours
  • $300.00 per day (up to 6 hours)
  • $700.00 for one evening and two days (15 hour workshop)

Travel and Expenses

  • $0.32/mile, or plane fare or train fare
    Materials and handouts are additional expenses
    I prefer staying with local members

Lectures and seminars on related topics can be adapted to the needs of individual groups. Please give enough notice to allow development of special material.
Private instruction is also available (your house or mine).

 by Ingrid Boesel

How to Start at the End of a Project and Work Backwards.
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Color Use in Complex Weaves.
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How to Push a Weave Around: Playing with Colour and Lace Weaves.
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How to Make a 12 Hue Colour Wheel.
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Expanded Advancing Twills.
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Colour Designs Made Easier by the Computer.
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The Navajo Loom.
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Shadow Weave: Eight Steps.
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The Western Hemisphere.
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Phoenix Sunset: a Scarf.
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Gallery of Scarves.
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Ideas for the Lazy Weaver.
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Designing a Steep Twill.
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Twisted Thoughts.
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Design Your Own Steep Twill.
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