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Guide to downloading Fiberworks programs

 Step 1

Click your

Click on the download of your choice.

(This image is just an example, not a live link!)

 Step 2

Click your choice

The different downloads may have different names to distinguish versions, e.g. Br4216setup.exe and Silver4236setup.exe.

Click on Save File. Windows will then ask you where to save (see next panel).

These illustrations are taken from Windows Vista. Other Windows versions may have slightly different framing, but the content of the panels should be similar.

 Step 3

Click your choice

If you have a designated folder for downloads, you may select it now. Otherwise it can be convenient to Save to the Desktop.

  1. Click on Desktop in the left-hand panel. Desktop should now show in the destination box at the top.
  2. Leave the filename as it appears (not necessarily setup.exe). Click the Save button.

 Step 4

Click your choice

The icon will appear somewhere on your desktop. If you rest the mouse cursor on the icon without clicking, the box of text identifying the file contents will appear.

Downloads should be 6-10 MB. Note the file size posted below each download link.  If the size is smaller, your download failed to complete and you need to try again.


You are ready to install!

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