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Guide to installing Fiberworks from a setup file

 Step 1

setup icon

Find the setup.exe icon that you just downloaded; possible filenames include Br4216setup,exe and Silver4236setup.exe. Click on it to start the installation program.

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, you may be asked for the administrator password, which you or someone concerned with the computer should know. Give your approval when the warning appears about not running files which you don't know the source.

 Step 2

security alert

This security alert will probably pop up. This is because Microsoft does not know we exist, we are too small.
If you just downloaded from our site, and the file sizes match what's expected Click on Run to proceed.

If you get a message saying that "This is not a Win32 application", this means that the download failed to complete, and you should try downloading again. Typically when this happens, the size of the setup.exe file is less than 1 MB, sometimes even 0 bytes.

 Step 3

Prepare to

Installation has started. When it's ready you will see the Welcome screen.

Prepare to install

Click Ready to proceed.

 Step 4A

Program maintenance

If this appears, it means that Fiberworks is already installed on your computer. If you previously attempted to install this version, try Repair. Otherwise, it may be an older version that must be uninstalled before you can proceed, in which case select Remove.

Click Cancel if you are not sure, and need to investigate before doing anything irrevocable.

 Step 4B

License agreement

If this appears, it's all clear to install once you have agreed to the license terms.
Click accept (if you do). If you leave it as I do not accept, the process will terminate without installing Fiberworks.

Click Next to proceed.

 Step 5

Program maintenance

Enter your name; Organization is optional.

Click Next to proceed.

 Step 6


This tells you the folder location of the program files. Since there's no installation format other than typical and no option you can change, going back is pointless unless you mis-spelled your own name.

Click Install to proceed. More security messages (as in step 2) may appear. If you trust us, you can safely proceed with this installation.

 Step 7


Patience ....

Program maintenance

Program maintenance Congratulations! It's installed.

Look on your desktop for new icons, one program icon labelled pcw.exe, and one (or two for Silver Plus) icon for the manual(s). An entry called Fiberworks has also been added to the Programs list on the Start Menu. This contains listings for the program pcw.exe and the manual(s).


Above: new style Vista Start Menu. Below: old style Vista Start Menu.


The installation also creates a folder within your Documents folder (My Documents in Windows XP) called My Weaving. Within this folder are two more folders, Samples, containing sample files for you to examine, and My Designs, a location for you to hold your own weaving files.

If you already have folders set up for your weaving files you are free to use them too.

If you installed Silver Plus, you will also find an item called Portchecker in the Fiberworks section of Programs on the Start Menu. This is a diagnostic tool you can use if you have difficulties establishing a connection to a loom.


You are ready to validate!

New users: you need to purchase Fiberworks in order to receive a validation.

Registered users: a purchase may be necessary to upgrade to a higher level than your current version.

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